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Five Delicious And Cheap Meals You Can Batch Cook And Freeze

Winter is definitely the time to love your freezer! Batch cooking and freezing is the perfect way to conjure up a hot and comforting meal in minutes, giving you time to relax, indulge in a hobby or just have more hours to fit everything into. #BatchLife cooking doesn’t mean seven days of slaving away over stew and dumplings either. These recipes are taste explosions that can be cooked and frozen in advance (so cancel your weekend plans and get all your cooking for the week done!). They’re also budget friendly, ensuring eating well doesn’t come at a premium.

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8 Free Ways to Reduce Stress

With all the responsibilities and daily duties life throws at you, it’s no surprise how quickly stress can build up. Taking some me time as a stress buster has never been more important, it needn’t be difficult when you’re on a tight budget. So, to help you relax without spending money, here are eight free ways to reduce stress levels.

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Introducing Sonny with an O
What is Life Support
The Sonny side of things


Know Your Numbers

Nail the basics of budgeting, credit, and making your money go further by getting to know your numbers.

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Enjoy Responsibly

Life is for living. Check out our tips to enjoy treats without busting your bank balance.

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More From Sunny

Check out all the latest happenings and news from Sunny HQ

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How Does This Affect You?

Get our take on things that are happening in the world of money and find out if and how they affect you.

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Saving Hacks

Nobody likes to spend more than they need to. Find out how to get better deals and save on your everyday spending

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Level Up Your Money

Got the basics sussed? Take your finances to the next level and really squeeze the most out of your money.

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