Cash Loans from £100 – £2500

If you’re looking for emergency cash until payday then Sunny could be the short-term loan provider you’ve been looking for. We provide cash loans of different values, meaning you can get the size of loan that suits you, and your circumstances.

Taking out big or small loans shouldn’t have to be a scary prospect. At Sunny we guide you through the process so that you’re clear about everything before and during the application process.

What are cash loans?

Cash loans are quick income boosts for a borrower who promises to repay the money, with interest, by a set due date. There are many types of cash loans, from traditional bank loans to payday loans, and each one has a unique purpose.

Short-term cash loans give quick assistance to you during financial emergencies, from car repairs to unexpected dental bills. With Sunny, cash can be deposited to your bank account in as little as 15 minutes of your application being approved so you can pay your obligations straight away. This means you won’t have a long period of worrying about your most recent unexpected charge or bill before your Sunny loan arrives in your bank account, putting your mind at rest.

How do cash loans work?

During the application process for a cash loan, you’ll provide personal details like your address and bank information, and agree to terms and conditions, such as payment date, the amount of each payment, interest rate to be paid and more. The lender runs a background check on you, assessing your credit history, employment records and the like. Cash loans with no credit check don’t exist, but at Sunny the process is swift. Also, we can offer some loans to those that may be suffering from bad credit so whatever your circumstances you may still be able to qualify for a loan with us.

If you are approved, your lender will issue you physical cash, or directly deposit the loan into your bank account, which is what we do. The money is yours to use as you wish, and regardless of how much of it you spend, you’ll be required to pay back the total amount plus interest at the end of your loan period. At Sunny you can request loans from £100 to £2500, depending on the amount you need, and we will work to try and get that for you.


Choosing the right cash loan

Of course, different lenders offer different types of loans, so be certain the company you borrow money from offers what you need. If the speed of access to cash is critical, for example, a traditional bank loan may not be the right choice as their approvals process can take longer than an online lender.

By the same token, if you need to borrow a large sum for a long period of time, ensure that the borrowing limit and length of term both meet your needs. Please remember high cost, short term credit is an expensive way to borrow and is not suitable for borrowing over long periods. If you require long-term financial help, then we would urge you to seek some formal financial advice.

There are different benefits to different loans. Not all short-term cash loans, for instance, are built the same, even though they may look similar. Some have flexible pay dates, and some have rigid terms. Reviewing these features carefully can get you the best benefits and the best cash loan.

How does Sunny work?

Borrowers have found that loan agreements can have confusing pricing and hidden fees, so we make it simple by providing all our loan details upfront. We believe that your agreement should be easy to understand and flexible enough to accommodate your unique situation.

At Sunny we offer fee-free loans, with complete transparency so you don’t have any surprise hidden fees to worry about. This means that all you have to think about repaying is the loan you took out, and any interest it may have accrued. We also try to work fast to get your loan to you quickly, minimising the amount of stress you feel before the money lands safely in your account.

That said, we also understand how having money worries can make you act rashly or uncharacteristically. If you regret taking out a loan with us, there’s no need to panic; we have a 5-day cooling off period for all our customers so that if you change your mind within this time you can simply send the money back to us. You’ll have no charge for doing so, and no interest. Our customers come first, and while we hope you won’t regret taking out a loan with us, it’s important to us that you’re not penalised if you do.

Repaying your Sunny loan

As we charge no fees with your loan, the only thing you’ll need to repay is the value of the loan you applied for, plus interest. In order to repay your loan you’ll be given a repayment plan which you should follow to make your repayments. However, our flexible payment options mean you can pay more each month if you like, accruing less interest and paying a smaller final sum overall. You can also save interest by repaying the loan in its entirety at any time.

When to not get a Sunny loan

If you’re looking for cash loans in just 15 minutes, then Sunny could be a good option to end your short-term money worries today and move towards establishing a better financial future for yourself and your family. Sunny can provide a solution for short-term emergency money needs.

If, however, you find that your financial problems won’t be solved by a small loan then we would suggest that you don’t take out a loan yet, and look for an alternative way to resolve your issues. For longstanding financial problems, seeking financial guidance is the best way to move forward. There are many debt charities in the UK, such as Citizens Advice, StepChange and PayPlan who have experts dedicated to providing support and guidance around your options.