Instant Loans from £100 – £2500

Money worries weigh heavily on lots of us, and can cause many a sleepless night. They affect many people and no matter how carefully you spend and budget, sometimes your money just won’t last until next payday. Unexpected bills can come up suddenly, meaning all your careful planning has come to naught and you’re once again stuck, having to find a way to cover an expense that you couldn’t predict.

Fortunately, we at Sunny are here to the rescue, and our no-nonsense approach to getting the money you need in to your bank account could help you sleep easier. Our big or small instant loans can be catered to suit your circumstances, which means you choose the type of loan that suits you best.

Why instant loans?

If you’re looking to get money fast in an emergency, we’ll work hard to make sure you don’t have to go without, or spend another day worrying about where you’re going to get funds from. If you’re looking for instant loans with no credit check, then you will find this hard to come by. However, our checks and questions are rapid, meaning you’re taken swiftly through the application process and, once approved, you’ll have the money in your account in as little as 15 minutes.

Sometimes you just don’t have the cash to cover a one-off or unexpected payment, which is where an instant loan online can come in handy. Providing you with that extra bit of money to help tide you over for the time being, they can help to eradicate unnecessary stress that can arise from money worries.

Situations for instant loans

There are a wide range of situations whereby you might be feeling that your funds are a little too thin to cover you. Owning your home, for example, is a fantastic feeling and can feel like a dream come true by the time the keys are firmly in your hands. However, unexpected problems such as boiler repairs, broken plumbing and leaky roofs are not always things you factor in to your budget and can cause high levels of financial burden.

Other expensive surprises such as vehicle breakdown and problems with your white goods are common reasons for taking out an instant loan, and can help you to shoulder the burden in a hurry.

Why do you do a credit check?

Background credit checks are a legal standard, and that means that for every application we receive, we do extensive credit checks to make sure the applicant can afford to repay the loan. Instant loans online with no credit check do not exist, and here at Sunny we believe that’s for the best.

It’s of the utmost importance to us that our customers can afford their repayments, as causing extra stress is not our aim. We consider ourselves to be somewhat of a lifeline to those in experiencing an emergency cash need, offering a helping hand on a short-term basis. We understand how upsetting financial problems can be, but being able to afford your payments, and not make those problems any worse, is more important.

What does my credit score affect?

If you have a bad or non-existent credit score this might mean that some lenders will not be in a position to offer you a loan. In this scenario, you may still be able to secure a loan, but at a higher rate of interest, and perhaps not as much as you originally applied for.

How do I apply?

To apply for one of our instant cash loans to land in to your bank account in as little as 15 minutes after it’s approved, simply apply online. You’ll need to be at least 18 years of age, have a valid UK bank account, be employed with regular payments and be a UK resident to be eligible to apply.

After inputting your details we’ll work to come to a decision as quickly as possible and once that decision is made, the money will be deposited in your bank account in as little as 15 minutes. From this point on you can manage your account online. This makes paying flexible for you and means you can choose to make early or extra payments, to repay your loan as quickly as possible.

What are your instant loans like?

As you apply for an instant loan,you will also receive a payment schedule. This payment plan shows how long you will be paying back the loan for, and at what amount per month. This sum will also include the interest that will have accrued by each payment date, which is always capped at 24% a month. This is so that the payments never get out of control and are still affordable for you.

As one of the UK’s most trusted short-term loan companies, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the service they need, and a loan that perfectly solves their problems. We also offer a 5-day cooling-off period, so that you have time to consider whether our quick loans work for you, or if you’d rather wait it out until payday. If you do decide to pay your loan back, if you call us in the first 5 days, we won’t charge you any interest.

What instant loans are not for

Instant cash loans are for short term problems, to help our customers deal with unexpected fees and bills as and when they arise. Our chief aim is to offer you peace of mind and we try to do this as quickly as we can.

However, as our aim is to provide a sort of life support to our customers, we recommend that you only use loans as a short-term solution, not as the basis for long term plans. It is for this reason that the loans we offer have a maximum value of £2500. This means the sum you eventually pay back is affordable, and that the loan is a solution, not a problem for the future.

Interested in checking out an instant loan for yourself? If you’d like more information about the different type of loans we offer, then feel free to have a browse through our site. Alternatively, you can call our customer support team, who can give you guidance and answer any questions you might have about your application.