Fast Payday Loans

Fast Payday Loans

from £100 to £2500

Representative 1266% APR

Below you’ll find all you need to know about applying for a fast loan from Sunny

Time is money – or so the old saying goes – but you don’t need to worry about that when you apply for a fast payday loan from Sunny. This type of loan can help you get around short-term financial obstacles and financial emergencies.

What counts as an emergency for a fast payday loan?

If you’re faced with an emergency but don’t have the funds to cover the cost upfront, you may need to apply for a loan. For example, if you need to pay for expensive car repairs or an unexpected bill, you can get an emergency loan, fast, to help cover the cost until you’ve been paid.

At Sunny, we make an almost instant decision on loan applications we receive, and you could have the money in your bank account in under an hour if your application is approved! Choose between values of £100 to £2,500 for a fast payday loan that suits you and your circumstances. Read on to find out more about these loans, which are ideal for use in an emergency.

Eligibility for our fast payday loans

To be considered eligible for a payday loan you must be over 18 years old and a resident of the UK. You must also be employed and have a regular income to ensure you can make repayments, as well as a bank account. When you apply for a fast payday loan with Sunny, you also agree to us carrying out a credit and affordability check. This helps our team decide whether to approve your application or not. If you have a poor credit history, this can affect your chances of getting a loan.

Example of a fast payday loan

Use our clever sliding calculator below, to view a range of loan amounts and repayment periods and determine which could be the best option for you. However, you should only apply for as much as you need in an emergency money situation. Being tempted to apply for a larger amount than you really need could see you fall into financial difficulty later if you commit to higher repayments than you can afford.

Monthly Rate
24 %

Based on a 30 day month

Loan Term
6 Months

The loan term is fixed but you can repay early at any time

Representative example
£100 for 6 months
Interest rate
292% pa (fixed)
6 repayments of
Total amount repayable
1266% APR
Max APR   %

Fast payday loans information hub

Want to know more about these fast and easy payday loans from Sunny? Here, we’ve answered some of the most common questions around this type of loan to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

It is possible to get a loan with bad credit but bear in mind that your credit history will impact how much you can borrow and the interest rate you’ll have to pay. With Sunny, you can check your eligibility and likelihood of approval based on the details you provide and this won’t impact your credit rating***. This is because we offer something called soft search, which allows us to check your credit report without leaving a visible mark on your file. If you have bad credit already, this means you can check if you’re likely to be accepted for a loan with us before you go ahead. This means you avoid being turned down and it risking your credit score further. Moving forward, it’s a good idea to look into how to improve your credit rating before you need to borrow money again so that you can widen the range of options available to you.

Pretty fast! With Sunny you’ll get a decision on your application in minutes, and once approved, we’ll transfer your funds directly into your bank account, usually within just 15 minutes***. This means you can tackle that emergency without any delays.

A fast payday loan can help when you don’t have enough money in your bank account to cover an emergency cost and have no other way of paying for it. However, we recommend you only consider this type of loan when you need money fast and have no other option. It’s a good idea to use savings or borrow money from a family member or friend before turning to a payday loan, if this is an option for you.

No, with Sunny, it isn’t possible to take on one of these emergency loans without having your credit report checked first. However, we understand the urgency of one of these types of loan and so our checking process is very swift and we can confirm whether your application has been accepted or not within a matter of minutes. Remember, a reputable loan provider would not offer a fast payday loan without performing a credit check first.

When we perform a credit check on you this will leave a record on your credit report. If you apply for a number of loans over a short period of time then this could impact your score. However, one application for a fast payday loan shouldn’t impact your score negatively for a long period of time.

How a Sunny fast payday loan can help

At Sunny, we pride ourselves on offering “life support”. Our loans are there for those in need of emergency cash and so we offer a great range of added benefits, which we’ve listed below. Take a look and see if they could help you and your financial situation.

They’re not called fast payday loans for nothing. Once your application is approved you could receive your money in as little as 15 minutes.

Emergencies are expensive enough, which is why we don’t charge extra fees when you need your money most. You won’t pay any admin or late or early repayment charges with Sunny.

You’re in control, as we give you access to an online account area that allows you to manage your payments and even make earlier ones in your own time to save on interest.

More information on fast payday loans

A fast payday loan can help you deal with an emergency situation without the added stress of worrying about how to pay for it. You can get the car fixed straight away, pay an unexpected vet bill or plan emergency travel.

Our loans are flexible in terms of the amount you can borrow, with no fees. Plus, if you decide you don’t need it or find a better alternative you can simply call to return the money to us within five days* and not pay a penny of interest. You can even repay your loan early and save on interest, unlike some other loan providers and even banks.

It’s worth noting that while these loans are helpful, they shouldn’t be sought out to cover a long standing financial issue, or to repay other similar loans. If you are struggling with money or debt, we recommend you reach out to a service such as Money Advice Service or a charity like Stepchange, who can offer advice.

What real Sunny customers say about us

Our TrustPilot score and glowing reviews say it all, we treat our customers fairly and offer a great product that helps them get back on track. Take a look for yourself below, to help you decide if Sunny is the right lender for you.

Got everything you need?

Absorbed all that information? If you believe a fast payday loan is right for you, hit the apply now button and work with our friendly team to gain access to the emergency money you need.

Looking for alternative lending options?

Here at Sunny, we offer short-term lending options for a range of circumstances. We believe in helping our customers every step of the way, which is why you’ll find a selection of helpful guides below detailing how our payday loans can help you in a number of different situations. Whether you have bad credit or are looking for a short-term lending solution, we can help.

***Soft search is currently only available to new customers. Our eligibility check will assess whether you meet our lending criteria. Even if you are eligible, we may still require proof of ID and/or proof of income before we approve the loan.