How to get a quick loan from £100 – £2500

Quick loans are available through a variety of lenders online. Many lenders, like Sunny, allow you to speed up the process by filling in your application on their site. The form is sent off instantly and your decision is back in no time – sometimes in less than 4 minutes. After you are approved, most online lenders can directly deposit your cash into your bank account.

Why is online a fast way to get a loan?

Every unnecessary step is removed when you get a loan online. No going to the individual office or bank. No interview. No waiting for a cheque in the mail or picking up an envelope of cash – there is barely a delay to speak of for your direct deposit. Your research for comparison and your decision can fall in the same short period. And most often, if you’re looking for some quick quid, you need it today, not tomorrow. Online lenders are a great choice when you have an urgent need for funds.

How do quick loans work?

Quick loans offered online work by quickly getting your information only to the people who need it, without waiting periods. The lender’s website lets you pick how much you want to borrow, how many instalments there are and how long they’ll last, and view how much you are going to pay each time with no confusion. After you provide your information in the on-screen application, online lenders can run a speedy credit history check and other background checks, deciding whether to approve it. Once your money has been wired, it’s easy to withdraw it directly from your account. You’ll usually be able to keep track of payment dates via their site or by email updates, and set up direct repayment back to the lender to ensure you never miss a payment.

How do I choose the right fast loan?

With so many fast loan companies out there, it’s important to compare your various alternatives to find the loan that best suits your personal needs. When it comes to emergency expenses, you often need to make financial decisions very quickly, and making a well-informed decision is essential to your financial stability. Consider every aspect of the loan. Will it allow you to pay back early without penalty? Will it allow you to adjust payment dates as you go along? Do you need to reapply every time you take out another sum? And most importantly in this case, how quickly will you get the cash? Scrutinizing lenders’ websites for information like this will help you find the best loan for you to work with.

Sunny’s quick loans

We believe in transparency and honesty to make a difficult time and difficult decision as stress-free as possible. In order to make your choice clear, we provide a little more information about Sunny’s quick loans:

  • Our loans have no fees, guaranteed.
  • We give you 5 days to change your mind and repay with no fees and no interest.
  • Applying is via our easy to follow online application and delivers a decision in minutes.
  • If approved, the cash you borrow is sent to your bank within 15 minutes.
  • Money tips – videos, guidance, quizzes and tools to help improve your money management skills.
  • Sunny’s flexible overpayment plan allows you to pay more each month if you wish, meaning you repay earlier and save money in interest.