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Sometimes, you need money fast. This is when a 24-hour loan through Sunny can help, as we offer an instant decision on payday loans through our panel of lenders. Once you have submitted your application and been approved, you could have the money in your account in as little as 15 minutes#. This is ideal for emergencies, where you need the funds quickly, allowing you to get things fixed or paid for as soon as possible.

24-hour loans are usually quick and easy to apply for online and are often for relatively small amounts ranging from around £100 to £2,500. This type of loan is usually paid back over 3 months, or over an agreed number of instalments spanning a few months or longer. If you want to know more about applying for a 24-hour loan, we’ve put together this guide detailing everything you need to consider so that you can decide whether one of these loans is the right choice for you.

Eligibility for 24-hour Sunny loan

Before applying for any loan, you need to ensure you are eligible for the type of loan you’ve chosen. This means you need to match a certain set of criteria, which will be determined by the lender before your application can be accepted. To be eligible for a 24-hour loan through Sunny, you must be 18 years old, a UK resident, and have a regular income, among other criteria.

You’ll also need to agree to a credit check, as this helps lenders ensure they are lending to people who can afford to make the repayments. If you’re looking for a 24-hour loan online with no credit check, we’re afraid you won’t find this here. Reviewing your credit history is an essential part of the loan application process.

Representative 89% APR

Representative Example: Borrowing: £1000 for 18 months, Total Repayable: £1853.43, Total Interest: £853.43, Interest Rate (Variable): 89.9%. Rates between 9.3% APR and 1721% APR – your no-obligation quote and APR will be based on your personal circumstances. Loan term lengths from 3 to 36 months. Subject to lender’s requirements and approval.

Sunny Loans is a registered trading name of Flux Funding Limited who are a credit broker, not a lender. Loan repayment terms are 3-36 month loans.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to www.moneyhelper.org.uk.

24-hour loans information hub

Here, we’ve broken down some of the key questions asked about 24-hour loans. However, if you can’t find the answer you need here, take a look at our FAQ section.

More information about our 24-hour loans

A 24-hour loan is there to support you in an emergency. This type of payday loan is turned around fast, with the money in your bank account quickly – ready to tackle the emergency costs you may be confronted with.

This type of loan may have a higher interest rate than a standard, personal loan but can be a lifeline for those who have little to no disposable cash close to payday. We recommend looking into a 24-hour loan when you have exhausted all other options – such as borrowing money from family or using savings.

Our loans range from £100 to £2,500, over a variety of terms, but can be usually be repaid early at any time to save you money on interest.

While you can get your hands on money quickly with a 24-hour loan, you should only apply for one in a real emergency. These loans are a short-term fix, and shouldn’t be used for a long-standing financial issue. If you need any help or advice when it comes to your finances, seek out the support of a service such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or charity Stepchange

How a Sunny 24-hour loan can help

We’re here to help, which is why as well as helping you access the money you need, our process comes with a whole range of extras to make dealing with life’s emergencies as simple as possible. We believe in providing people with “life support” for those unexpected and costly occurrences. Here are a few more reasons why Sunny could be a good fit for you and your circumstances.

We can offer an instant decision once your application is received, speeding up the time it takes to get hold of emergency cash.

We don’t charge any additional fees, so you won’t need to find money up front to pay for admin or application charges.

Most of our lenders will allow you to make additional payments at any time through your online account. We encourage our customers to pay back their loans early, to save on interest.

Want to know more about other lending options?

At Sunny, we offer access to short-term loans for a wide range of circumstances. If you want to learn more about these, check out our guides below, which cover a range of borrowing needs.

Types of Loan