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Same day loans can be a lifeline for those who need fast cash in an emergency. For those needing cash the same day, you can apply to borrow online today and get an instant decision from our panel of direct lenders. And if you’re accepted, your loan will be in your bank account the same day.

What is a same day loan?

Same day loans are, as their name suggests, loans that can be provided to you on the same day you apply. Also known as instant loans, they are intended to help with emergency or unforeseen circumstances. For example, if you need urgent car repairs, your boiler breaks down, or you’re experiencing a family emergency, a quick same day loan can be a helpful solution to see you through and help you spread the cost of the expense.

Eligibility for a same day loan

When looking into same day loans for an emergency, it’s a good idea to check if you are eligible to apply first. At Sunny, our customers must meet several criteria. First, you must be over 18 years old and a UK resident. You must also not be bankrupt or otherwise insolvent and in receipt of a regular income.

Our broker partner’s lenders will also need proof of your address and confirmation that you have an active bank account as part of the application. You’ll also need to agree to a credit and affordability check – this ensures you can make your repayments after you’ve received your loan and looks at your past credit history to help make a decision on your application.

  • 18 years old or above
  • A UK resident
  • Receive a regular income
  • Able to provide evidence of your address for the past three years
  • Not bankrupt or otherwise insolvent
  • Able to supply details of a bank account and debit card
  • Able to provide a working email address and mobile phone number

Meeting these requirements doesn’t guarantee that you will be accepted for loans that pay the same day, as your credit score and ability to make repayments are also looked at before making a decision.

Can I get same day loans for bad credit?

Yes, here at Sunny, we understand all circumstances are different, and we offer access to bad credit loans for those with a poor credit history or none. With same day bad credit loans, you will have to go through soft credit checks in the application, but these don’t harm your score or stop you from borrowing.

To check your credit score, you can use one of the Credit Reference Agencies: TransUnionEquifax or Experian. If you have a low credit score and you want to improve it to increase your chances of getting accepted for a same day payday loan, there are a few ways you can do so. Getting on the electoral roll, closing any old credit card accounts you are no longer using, making sure you repay all your bills on time each month and trying to keep well below your credit account limits will help.

How to get a same day payday loan

Getting a loan that pays out the same day is easy, as you can apply online with us. You can select how much you wish to borrow and the repayment period, and then our broker partner will pass your application to a range of direct lenders, who will run soft credit checks and provide an instant decision. If you’re accepted, your same day loan can be in your account by the end of the day, great for emergencies and situations where you need the money quickly.


Same Day Loans Information Hub

Here we’ve answered the most common questions around our fast same day loans.

  • You might need a same day loan for several reasons: if you have an unexpected bill to pay, an emergency, or just to tide you over until payday. You can use these loans for anything you need, but you should only consider applying for a same day loan if you need the cash fast and have exhausted all other borrowing options. That means looking at your budget to see if you can cut costs anywhere to cover the bill, asking friends or family for help, or using savings. Same day loans are a useful option but should be one of the last ones to consider in a financial emergency.

  • Same day loans are smaller short-term loans, you apply for one, and if approved, the money is transferred immediately. You can then use it as necessary and pay it back over an agreed period of time. With Sunny, you can get same day loans online and in your bank account quickly.

  • When applying online for a same day loan, you can select the amount you borrow, to as little as £50 to £2,500 and larger amounts. The amount you are accepted to borrow depends on how long it’s for and your past credit history, so only borrow as much you need. The amount you choose to borrow also impacts any interest rates.

  • In your application, you can select your same day loan repayment period so that your borrowing fits your needs. It’s important to know the amount you borrow and how long you borrow it for can affect interest rates. Our panel of same day loan direct lenders offer repayment periods between 3 and 36 months, and you can pay it off earlier if need be.

  • You can check how likely you are to be approved for a loan before you apply. Lenders do this by carrying out a soft search of your credit report, using the information you provide to us. This kind of credit check leaves a record on your credit file that’s only visible to you. If you’re likely to be approved and decide to submit your application, then your lender will carry out a hard credit check, which will leave a record on your credit report that’s visible to others who may search it from time to time.

    Lenders take a wide range of information into account when assessing your application, including your credit score and information from your credit history, and your income and expenditure data.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority demands that all loan providers conduct credit checks, so no you can’t get a loan that pays on the same day without a credit check. If a lender is offering you one, they aren’t regulated. If you are worried about being credit checked due to a low credit score, don’t worry as you can get bad credit same day loans.

More information on same day loans

Same day loans can be a handy way of dealing with emergencies. As suggested by the name, same day loans generally mean that if your loan is approved, you can receive the money on the same day, so you can quickly and easily cover unexpected expenses. This type of loan is usually for a relatively small sum on a short-term lending basis, but you can borrow larger amounts over longer repayment periods.

Loans with a same day payout are a popular financial solution when struggling to cover an unexpected but urgent cost and make ends meet, too. You can quickly tend to your financial needs after they arise because you don’t have long to wait for the loan to be approved.

While same day loans may seem welcome for many, they are designed for occasional use to cover an emergency or unexpected expense. Using them regularly or covering a long-term financial need is not wise. It’s also important to never borrow more than you can comfortably afford to pay back. Last but not least, ensure you research the loan you are applying for and the provider thoroughly before submitting an application.

How Sunny can help

As well as the flexibility on offer to borrowers, our partner's panel of lenders make loans as straightforward as possible. Sunny is a loan introducer and our broker partner works with lenders who can help people of all different circumstances, even those with bad credit.

You will get an instant decision when you apply for a loan at Sunny.

We don’t charge fees - that's no application or admin charges.

The flexibility of lenders means you can apply for a loan and choose to repay over 3 to 36 months.

Looking for alternative lending options?

Same day loans can be required for a number of situations. We’ve produced a range of guides to help you decide if a loan is a right choice for you, depending on your circumstances.

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Representative Example: Borrowing: £1000 for 18 months, Total Repayable: £1853.43, Total Interest: £853.43, Interest Rate (Variable): 89.9%. Rates between 9.3% APR and 1721% APR – your no-obligation quote and APR will be based on your personal circumstances. Loan term lengths from 3 to 36 months. Subject to lender’s requirements and approval.

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