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When it comes to your finances, it’s important to understand all the facts and figures before filling out any applications for credit, and to be sure you’re making the best choice for you when you apply. So, to help you understand the ins and outs of ‘no guarantor loans’, here’s a handy guide. We look into what no guarantor loans are, who they’re best suited to, how they can help and how Sunny can support you.

What is a no guarantor loan?

As the name suggests, no guarantor loans don’t require a second party or guarantor to be on standby to pay for you in the event you can’t make a payment. This means you can apply on your own for the money you need.

Loans without a guarantor can be a good financial solution if you aren’t in a position to ask somebody to help you if you should fall short of money, whether because they’re unable to help or because you’d prefer not to ask.

Guarantors are often required for those with bad credit, which can be an obstacle to getting the finance you need. This is because you are seen as a bigger risk with a poor credit history. However, it is possible to receive a no guarantor loan even if you have poor credit, but make sure you research the loan you are about to take out and fully understand the T&Cs.

Pros and cons of a no guarantor loan

The main benefit of a no guarantor loan is that they often require less paperwork than is often associated with a loan where you do need a guarantor. You also don’t have to find someone to guarantee your loan for you, which simplifies and speeds up the application process.

However, there are downsides to no guarantor loans. For instance, interest rates can be higher for no guarantor loans. This is because they tend to be considered riskier for the lender. It also might be more difficult to get your loan approved alone, especially if you have a poor credit history.

At Sunny, loans do not require a guarantor, no matter how much you apply for, so if your application is approved, you could receive your money quickly. Although our broker partner’s lenders do not ask for a guarantor, all of our applications are assessed thoroughly and quickly, so we can help ensure your financial security.

Eligibility for no guarantor loans

When considering any application for a no guarantor loan, lenders will examine the applicant’s address, bank details, credit history and employment details to ensure they meet their criteria, and that the loan is affordable for the borrower and their circumstances. All direct lenders have their own criteria for loans without a guarantor, but, in general, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be a UK resident
  • Have a regular income source

Also, lenders will perform a thorough credit check and affordability assessment when considering your application. Your credit score is based on your financial past and is generally used to predict your future behaviour so companies can determine how likely you are to be able to pay back any money they lend to you. If your loan applications keep getting rejected, examining your credit history is a good place to start in understanding why.

Our partners lender panel will first perform a “soft search”, which doesn’t affect your credit rating. They’ll then let you know if your application is likely to be accepted. After this, a full credit check will be done if you decide to apply.

Can I get bad credit loans without a guarantor?

Yes, it is possible to get a no guarantor loan with bad credit, though you will have less choice. If you have poor credit, having a guarantor can increase your chances of borrowing, but at Sunny, we understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different, and you can apply for any loan without one, with good or bad credit. Take a look at our bad credit loans guide for more information on obtaining a payday loan with a poor credit history.

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Sunny Loans is a registered trading name of Upward Finance Limited, who is an introducer appointed representative of Flux Funding Limited, who is a credit broker, not a lender. Loan repayment terms are 3-36 month loans.

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How Sunny no guarantor loans can help

Sunny aims to help as many people as possible access the emergency cash they need, when they need it. We believe in offering “life support” and strive to provide the best deal when you need money fast. Here, we’ve broken down some of the benefits of a no guarantor loan.

Once accepted, you receive your money fast. It can land in your bank account today#, in some cases!

We do not charge any fees.

A market-leading panel of lenders means our broker partner can help customers even if they have been declined elsewhere.

No guarantor loans FAQs

Here, we’ve answered some common questions about no guarantor loans. However, if you can't find the answer to your question here, check out our FAQ section.

  • Loans without a guarantor work like a typical cash or payday loan. The difference is that you do not need to provide details of anyone who may support you with your repayments.

    This means that you are solely responsible for the loan; the agreement is just between you and the lender.

  • Loans without a guarantor can be more expensive than those with a guarantor, as the interest rates tend to be higher. This is because not having a guarantor makes the loan a higher risk for the lender.

  • To get a no guarantor loan, simply apply online with Sunny. You’ll need to answer a few questions about your circumstances and submit the form. Our partners will review your application quickly and decide whether or not to accept your application. If accepted, you could see the money in your account today#.

    Although you can receive a no guarantor loan with bad credit, you are more likely to be accepted with good credit. So, with bad credit, your options for no guarantor loans may be limited. You are also more likely to be accepted if you have a stable income and employment, as well as having a low debt-to-income ratio.

Apply for a no guarantor loan online

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We encourage you to compare our loans to other short-term lenders to find what is best suited to you and your financial situation. You can also check out more information about the different circumstances when you may require one. Take a look at our guides on bad credit loans and payday loans to see how our short-term loans can help people in a range of circumstances.

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