Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

+ Am I eligible for a Sunny loan?
+ Can you tell me if I will be accepted for a Sunny loan before I apply?
+ Will I be credit checked when I apply?

Applying for a Sunny Loan

+ How do I apply?
+ What information do you need?
+ Why do you need both my bank account and debit card details?
+ I already have a Sunny loan, can I apply for another?
+ Will I need to send in any extra paperwork?
+ Where can I receive the money from you?
+ When will the money be in my bank account?
+ Can I apply and receive money at the weekend?

Help with your application

+ I'm having trouble completing my application – what should I do?
+ I haven't received a validation code – what should I do?
+ If I have to send documents, how long will it be until I find out if my application has been approved?
+ What is the '5 days to change your mind' service, and how can I use it?
+ What is the statutory right of withdrawal, and how can I use it?
+ My application has been declined – does this mean I will never be able to have a Sunny loan?

Using your account

+ What should I do if I forget my password?
+ How can I check the status of my Sunny application?
+ How can I check my balance, statements and other account information?
+ How do I update my contact information?
+ How do I change my card details or bank account?
+ How will you keep me updated with important information?

Making repayments

+ How do you collect my repayments?
+ Can I change the regular repayment amounts for my Sunny loan?
+ Can I make a one-off payment on my Sunny loan?
+ How long will it take for my account to update to show that I've made a payment?
+ What will happen if I need to make a payment late, or can't afford my payments?

UK based customer support

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UK based customer support team.
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