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Looking for more information on our £500 loans? We’ve answered some common questions here regarding applying for emergency cash and making the right choice for you.

  • Yes, Sunny will approve your loan application and transfer you the money you want to borrow, direct. By applying directly with us, you’ll enjoy a smooth experience from your first application to your final payment.

  • We recommend you only take on an emergency payday loan in an amount that you need. So if your car repairs come to £490, a £500 loan will more than cover the costs. Don’t apply for more emergency money than necessary though, to avoid paying more interest or making repayments for longer than you’d like. 

  • You can use the money for anything you like,  but we recommend you only apply if it’s an emergency situation and you feel confident you can make the repayments after. It’s not a good idea to apply for a £500 loan so that you can make payments on another payday loan, as this could worsen your financial situation. If you need any help when it comes to your finances, speak to a free, impartial expert such as Stepchange. The Money Advice Service website also features lots of helpful advice for free. 

  • We currently offer a competitive 1,267% APR as standard, on our loan products. If you have a low credit score you may pay a higher interest rate, as you could be seen as a riskier borrower. We have more information about this in our bad credit loans guide. 

  • Sunny offers £500 loans to people from all walks of life and financial backgrounds. If you need a loan for an emergency situation, we will try to help. You can check how likely you are to be approved before you apply, without impacting your credit score. This can help you avoid a record on your credit report if you’re likely to be declined when applying for a £500 loan.  

    Here, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about taking on a £500 loan and when it could be the most appropriate solution for you. 

More information on £500 loans

Our quick £500 loans are a good solution in an emergency, if you need financial support before payday. They are transferred directly into your bank account, resulting in little to no delays when it comes to sorting out that unexpected expense. 

A £500 loan can help cover expenses such as having to replace a washing machine, or paying to fix damage to your car. You can use your money to get the fix sorted quickly, then make repayments once payday rolls around. 

These loans ensure you don’t fall behind on other important expenses, such as bills and direct debits, while also helping in an emergency. What you borrow is paid back in manageable instalments, but we also encourage our customers to repay their loans early if they can, and save on interest by doing so.

£500 loan example

Check out our calculator, which breaks down the entire cost of a £500 loan with Sunny, plus what you’ll pay back in interest. It can also help you decide which repayment period will be best for you. Use the sliders to see which option works for your current financial situation.

Monthly rate
Based on a
30 day month
Loan term
The loan term is fixed but you can repay early at any time
The loan term is fixed but you can repay early at any time
Representative example
£ for months
%pa (fixed)

How a £500 loan from Sunny can help

Our loans are designed for emergencies but we also believe in offering you a great experience on top. Here are just three reasons why Sunny could be the right lender for you:

  • We can have your £500 transferred to you in no time. We will deposit the money straight into your account in as little as 15 minutes of approval.

  • We don’t charge fees, so you don’t need to worry about finding the funds for extra charges that some other lenders ask for.

  • If you don’t need your loan, you can call to return it to us in five days* and you won’t pay a penny of interest.

What our customers think

We have some happy customers here at Sunny, who appreciate our simple and easy to understand approach to lending money. You can see exactly what they say about us, as well as our great TrustPilot reviews** below.

Have everything you need?

A £500 loan can be a good option in an emergency and if you feel confident that this amount is right for your situation you can apply online today for an instant decision. If you have any queries about the application process or our loans, get in touch with our team.

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Looking for more information?

Take a look at our guides, featuring tailored information for a variety of urgent money situations. Whether you have bad credit and need a loan or are looking for a payday loan to tide you over until your wages land, click on the links below to find out more about these.

***Soft search is currently only available to new customers. Our eligibility check will assess whether you meet our lending criteria. Even if you are eligible, we may still require proof of ID and/or proof of income before we approve the loan.