The benefits of a loan from Sunny

Here, we’ve rounded up the key features we offer when lending to our customers. Our speedy service and honest, transparent communication is what keeps those who borrow from us happy.

  • When you need cash fast, we can approve your application and have the money transferred to you directly in as little as 15 minutes.

  • We don’t charge fees. Even if you’re late making a payment, we won’t charge you a fee, while Lending Stream charge £15 if you run behind with your payment.

  • Our helpful UK based team is available 7 days a week, and once you’re accepted you gain access to an online account area that lets you manage your loan with no fuss.

Lending Stream Information Hub

Want to know more about Sunny’s alternative to Lending Stream loans? We’ve answered some common questions below:

  • GAIN Credit LLC owns Lending Stream, the company also owns the lender Drafty. Lending Stream was set up in 2008 and has been offering short-term loans since then.

  • At Sunny, we don’t charge any fees – that means you won’t pay a penny in admin, application or late payment fees and we encourage you to make early repayments to save money on interest. While Lending Stream also don’t charge application or admin fees, they do charge £15 if you make a late repayment.

    Late payment fees may seem irrelevant at first, when you can’t imagine not paying your loan back, but if you do find yourself in difficulty, they can make a huge difference, so are worth bearing in mind from the onset just in case. We believe that charging fees only exacerbates often difficult situations, which is why we simply don’t charge them.

  • You can apply online with both Lending Stream and Sunny, so the loan process is swift for both.

    Lending Stream offer loans up to £800 for new customers and up to £1,500 for returning customers. However, at Sunny, you can borrow up to £2,500 straight away, which means you can handle pretty much any emergency life throws at you.

  • Any loan you apply for does impact your credit rating, as your credit report will be reviewed and checked. Lending Stream will do a full credit and affordability check when you apply for one of their loans. This check will be listed on your credit report for other lenders to see and your credit score will change as a result.

    Sunny also performs full creditworthiness and affordability checks, but you can check your eligibility to borrow before you apply without impacting your credit rating. We do this by carrying out a soft search* of your credit report – this is a type of credit check that enables us to review your report without leaving a mark. You will then get an indication of how likely you are to be approved before submitting your full application. If you’re likely to be approved and decide to submit your application, then we’ll carry out the hard credit check. This will leave a record on your credit report and as with other lenders, it will change your credit score

  • Both Sunny and Lending Stream allow you 14 days to cancel your loan, in line with your statutory rights. However, if you use this option, you’ll still have to pay interest for the days you had the loan. So, Sunny allows you five days** to change your mind and return what you’ve borrowed without paying any interest. Simply give us a call if you change your mind and would like to use this option.

What our customers say

We’re proud of our Trustpilot score** and customer reviews, take a look at these below to help you feel a little more confident when applying for a loan with Sunny.

Looking for more information?

Want to know more about loans from Sunny? We offer short-term loans for a range of situations, take five to read our guides below for more information on everything from applying for a loan with bad credit to what cash loans are.