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  • The simple answer is “not always”. The above types of loans all have their different purposes that they fulfil, so be sure to understand what issue you’re trying to solve before you agree to commit to receiving the loan. A loan might be a good solution to a sudden emergency such as a car accident, or as a boost to get back into a healthy budget, but maybe not for long-term financing of personal expenses.

  • At Sunny, we believe in transparent, easy-to-understand online loans that put you in control.

    • Sunny guarantees no fees for anything in our loans – just interest on what you borrow.
    • We give you 5 days to change your mind and repay the principal with no fees and no interest. You can do this once per month, no questions asked.
    • Money tips – free videos, tools and advice on better money management.
    • Our flexible overpayments plan allows you to pay more each month so you repay earlier and save money on interest.

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