Loans for plumbing

Loans for plumbing

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A plumbing repair or a new fitting can be required when you least expect it. From a leaky tap to a toilet cistern that won’t stop filling, there many plumbing problems that may mean you need to call a plumber out to fix the problem. But finding the funds for unaccounted for repairs can be a struggle.

Here, we’ve looked into the average costs for various common plumbing jobs, what to consider to save money and how to pay those repair bills if you don’t have the funds immediately to hand.

Loans for plumbing

Average cost of plumbing repairs in the UK

Discover how much some of the most common plumbing jobs may cost you, in our table below. Bear in mind that the costs outlined in the table below are national averages to help you ballpark how much money you’ll need. The hourly rate for plumbers in the UK works out around £20 to £40 and is dependent on the area you live in, so you may find that your costs are higher or lower than these averages.


Plumbing repair Why this may be required Average cost
Cost to unblock a drain Whether it’s the bathroom basin or the kitchen sink, more goes down your drain than you may realise, from leftover food to hair. This can lead to blockages deep in your pipes that only a plumber can handle. £88
Cost to fit a new toilet (not including the cost of the toilet itself) An old toilet that fills too much, or not enough, can be a problem. Having a fully functioning toilet is crucial to day-to-day life and the plumber may recommend you have a new one fitted. £115
Cost to replace a washer in a leaky tap Taps that leak can cause a number of costly issues from increasing your water bill to causing water damage in your home. Corroded parts are a common cause of leaks with this piece of plumbing. £50
Cost of an emergency call out If there’s a leak that you can’t fix yourself you may need to call out a plumber to stop it before your belongings get damaged. £135

Average cost of plumbing installation in the UK

If you’re having a new bathroom fitted or a utility room created, you’ll need to hire a plumber to carry out the work. Here, we’ve broken down the average cost to have plumbing fittings installed in your home.


Job being carried out Cost of fitting Cost of labour
New toilet installation £45 – £400 £115
New straight bath installation £75 – £475 £185
New power shower installation £187 – £435 £100 – £300
New bathroom basin installation £35 – £140 £70 – £120
New stainless steel kitchen sink installation £34 – £210 £575
Change taps on a bath or sink Varies based on your chosen taps £50 – £80

How to pay for plumbing jobs if you don’t have the money

In an emergency situation

You’re dealing with an urgent repair cost but you don’t have the money in your current account to pay the plumber when he returns later to carry out the work. Here’s what you can do:

Use your savings

Your savings are made for situations when you need money fast. No matter what you intended to use them for, it’s best to dip into this pot of cash first if you have one, and work to top it back up later.

Ask friends and family if they can help

Close friends or relatives may be able to transfer you the money you need to cover the cost of the bill, then you can pay them back later, after your next payday or when you’ve had chance to free up the money from your budget.

Apply for a short-term loan for plumbing

You can apply for a short-term loan, intended for emergencies, to deal with a situation such as this. If you choose Sunny and you are accepted, you could have the funds you need in your bank in just 15 minutes. That means there should be no delay paying your plumber for the work, and then you can pay back what you’ve borrowed over a period of six to 14 months depending on the amount you borrow.

If you’re planning a new bathroom or kitchen installation

If you’re planning a new kitchen or bathroom, this is a home improvement that’s likely been in the pipeline for some time. You’ll have done your research into the suite or fittings you want and where to source these from. Paying for these on top of labour costs can result in a high bill – a new bathroom installation, for example, averages at around £4,500.

Sunny offers personal loans that are available in amounts from £2,000 to £5,000 and can be repaid over two years to spread the cost of your expenses while enabling you to crack on with the project straight away.

How to save money on bathroom installations

Choose a suite over individual fittings

The cost of a suite compared to purchasing each individual fitting sometimes works out as better value for money, so it’s a good idea to shop around and see what works out cheaper. Buying from an online store can also reduce costs; the mark-up is generally lower as online businesses don’t have high street shops to keep running.

Help with the work to reduce the labour cost

Some plumbers will accept help if the job is particularly big and doesn’t all require their specialist skills. They may take money off the final labour price if you lend them a hand.

See what you can do yourself

If you can prep the bathroom, remove any tiles and fittings and clear out any waste yourself, these are jobs for the plumber won’t have to do and so could result in a job completed more quickly, and so a smaller bill.

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