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Have a question about a loan from Sunny? We’ve tried to answer some of the most common ones below. If there’s anything else you need more information on, be sure to take a look at our FAQ section first or speak to one of our customer service team.

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When our customers need money fast, they use Sunny because we strive to be transparent, honest and fair – which is easy to see from our great Trustpilot reviews**. Take a look at these, and our excellent score, below to help make your decision if you’re considering using Sunny as a lender.

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Emergency cash can be required for a huge number of reasons, and our guides have broken down the how and why of every type of circumstance to help you decide if a short-term loan is right for you. You’ll find these below; take a look and find out more about the different circumstances that can cause you to need a loan and what to do.

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