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Want to know more about how to apply for a small loan online or what to consider before taking one out? We’ve answered some common questions around this type of loan.

  • Small loans can help keep you on your feet until payday, and the manageable amounts they come in mean you can repay them quickly, with no fuss. This means that unexpected bills can be resolved as soon as they appear, and your repayments can be settled by the date of your next payday. 

    However, we don’t consider ourselves a payday loans company, here at Sunny. Instead, we offer a real lifeline to our customers with no fees to pay when you borrow and a quick turnaround on your application. Read on to find out more about our low-value loan and why one might be right for you. 

  • You can apply for a small loan with Sunny in amounts from as little as £100 to cover smaller expenses. Check your eligibility quickly and easily**, and if you’re likely to be approved, you can go ahead and submit your application. Your small loan could be in your bank in just 15 minutes.

  • A small loan is there to support you close to payday, when you don’t have quite enough in the bank to cover an unexpected expense. We recommend you look into alternative borrowing options before applying, such as using savings or asking for help from a friend or family member. 

  • Yes, you can. Small loans for bad credit are available, however, your credit rating may affect our decision on whether to accept you for a loan or not as well as the amount you can borrow. You can find out more about bad credit and short-term loans here, in our in-depth guide. 

  • Applying for a small loan is very simple with Sunny – and quick too. You simply need to fill in the details on our online form, submit and then wait for our response. We offer an immediate decision on loan applications. If you are accepted, we’ll then transfer the money straight into your bank account – often in as little as 15 minutes – and then you can use this to pay for any emergency costs. 

  • We offer loans from £100, so this could be enough to cover an emergency car expense or larger than usual utility bills. You can then make repayments on this for a period of time after or pay off the whole amount once payday rolls around – whatever works for you! 

  • Some small loans are very similar to payday loans. Others, however, work like open lines of credit or running credit accounts, which have the option to withdraw from them multiple times. At Sunny we offer our customers a single sum, but do allow them to have more than one loan at once, should they need a little extra on top of their original loan.

  • Yes. We conduct both a credit check and an affordability assessment to make sure that our customers are both in a position to repay us, and can do so affordably. At Sunny, we consider ourselves a solution to short-term financial worries, so it would not be right for us to lend money to a customer who would be unable to meet their repayments.

More information on small loans

Small loans, or ‘micro loans’, are types of personal loans. These are loans that help cover emergency expenses and that you receive from a lender such as Sunny.

These smaller loans can help you cover unexpected bills, so you don’t have to take out a big loan you might struggle to pay back, simply because that’s the only option available to you. Some loans are so small that they require full repayment by your next payday, a feature of particular benefit to some customers, as it means your balance is settled quickly.

We offer loans from £100 to £2500, meaning we offer flexibility over the amount you borrow. We’ll give you a repayment schedule that reflects the amount you’ve borrowed to make sure each instalment is affordable for you. You can, though, repay early at any time to save money on interest.

Small loan example

Use our calculator to see how much you would pay overall on our small loan amounts. If you need to apply for a small loan, this can help you plan for the future, and ensure you can make the required repayments.

Monthly rate
Based on a
30 day month
Loan term
The loan term is fixed but you can repay early at any time
The loan term is fixed but you can repay early at any time
Representative example
£ for months
%pa (fixed)
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No impact to your credit score

The benefits of choosing Sunny

Our small loans offer a little “life support” on those grey days when an emergency strikes; they also don’t come with any nasty surprises. Take a look at some of the features you’ll benefit from when using Sunny for your emergency small loan.

  • You could have the small loan you need fast – we can transfer it directly into your bank account in just 15 minutes, if your application is approved.

  • We don’t charge fees – so what you see is what you pay when you receive your repayment schedule from us.

  • We offer five days to change your mind*, so if you find another solution to your financial emergency or simply change your mind, you can call to pay back, without paying interest or other fees, no unnecessary questions asked.

Comments from Sunny customers

We receive great feedback, every day, from our customers who enjoy our flexible loan amounts and helpful customer service. Take a look at our testimonials and Trustpilot score** when deciding if Sunny is the right choice for you.

Got everything you need?

If you need a small loan and are thinking about choosing Sunny, you can apply today. Our Sunny loans are ideal for short-term financial problems, but if you have a long term financial need or are experiencing financial difficulties, we suggest you seek free and impartial debt advice – from the likes of Citizens Advice or StepChange – before considering a loan.

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***Soft search is currently only available to new customers. Our eligibility check will assess whether you meet our lending criteria. Even if you are eligible, we may still require proof of ID and/or proof of income before we approve the loan.