Life Hacks

Sunny’s top tips for sticking to your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year, a fresh start – time to make some changes. Millions of us will have thought just that over the Christmas period, and now have a few resolutions in mind, whether big or small, to make 2024 the best it can be. It could be going to the gym more often, quitting smoking, meeting new people, or even just getting more sleep– but they all take a bit of work to make them stick. With that in mind, here are our top tips to getting motivated, and really making a difference in 2024

1.Make one change at a time

We all set ourselves masses of ambitious resolutions going into the New Year. But, tackling all of them at once can be a lot to take on, and it’s hard enough to make one habit stick, never mind a whole bunch! Taking one resolution at a time means you can give it all your attention and focus to embed it as a habit properly before adding in the next resolution. Try introducing your resolutions a month apart and see how you get on

2.Break up your resolutions

As well as introducing your different resolutions gradually, breaking the chunkier ones down into “phases” can help you to stay on track and maintain your new habits. Turn your resolutions into a series of small and regular achievements, rather than committing to weeks of hard graft. You’ll get a great sense of achievement as you hit each of your smaller goals, which will keep you motivated to work towards the bigger one

3.Reward yourself

If your resolutions are about quitting habits or cutting back on something you used to enjoy, make sure you have something lined up to fill that gap. New Year’s Resolutions are about making yourself happier, not miserable, so focussing on the different rewards you’ll give yourself for sticking at it means that you are more likely to turn a 2024 Resolution into a lifelong habit

4.Get your friends and family involved

One of the biggest ways to commit to a resolution is to tell everyone what you’re doing. Let your friends, family and colleagues know what your New Year’s Resolutions are, especially if they involve big lifestyle changes, and let them be there to encourage you when you’re about to fall off the wagon, and help you to stay away from temptation

5.Cut yourself some slack!

New Year’s Resolutions take time to bed in, and often mean big lifestyle changes overall, even when you break them down into smaller and more achievable tasks. Research suggests going completely cold turkey on an old habit like nights out or eating sweets can only create more temptation, so allow yourself a few treat days now and then, and don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon!

Make sure your resolutions are making you feel better about yourself, or what you’re trying to do, not forcing you to be uncomfortable!