9 Superhero Money Saving Habits

Not all heroes wear capes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a money saving pro worthy of global admiration. Whether you want to save for a holiday, a day out, or a new toy, then these tips and tricks could help that treat come closer to fruition.

Nine Superhero Money Saving Having

9 Superhero Money Saving Habits – Transcript

43% of Brits make spontaneous purchases we don’t need. Luckily there are 9 ways you can begin your journey to being a super-savvy money saver.


The Impulse Buyer

Can’t resist a treat? The average Brit spends a whopping £416 on impulse buys every year!

Super Habit:

Make 2 lists every month: ‘need’ and ‘want’. This will help you budget for what you need while making you think hard about what you want.

The Supermarket Target

Supermarkets are great at making us spend. The smell of fresh bread, items by the till and store layout are all tricks to get us to part with cash. Don’t fall for it!

Super Habit:

Focus on what you need, and don’t shop on an empty stomach. Hungry shoppers spend up to 64% more than those with full bellies!

The Premium Fuel Guzzler

Premium fuels do clean your engine, but you’d only notice a difference if you drove a Formula One car! In fact, the AA says there is little to no performance boost for regular cars.

Super Habit:

Use premium fuel twice a year to give your engine a quick refresh.

The Cash Drainer

25% of Brits ‘leak’ money on takeaways, 21% leak money buying lunch at work, and 19% leak on unwatched satellite TV subscription channels.

Super Habit:

Wake up from ‘unconscious spending’ by checking your bank statement for non-essentials, whether unused subscriptions, regular takeaways etc.

The Tap & Goer

Contactless payments. It’s almost too easy to tap your card and skip away. The average contactless payment is £8.95, and it can build up fast!

Super Habit:

Use more cash at the till. Psychologists say that handing over cash triggers an emotional reaction that can help deter spending!

The Change Waster

How much change is jingling around your handbag? Or sitting forgotten in an old coat?

Super Habit:

Put your spare change in a jar by the front door and cash it in before you go on holidays to cover extra treats.

The Package Purchaser

Anything pre-packaged usually costs more, because you’re paying for the product and the prep.

Super Habit:

Buy loose veg rather than pre-prepared to save yourself a packet (quite literally).

The Loyal

Remaining with the same energy supplier for a long time could be costing you £262 per year!

Super Habit:

Switching supplier is straightforward, and the savings will soon add up. Always be on the lookout for a new deal, this applies to everything you ever buy!

The Last Minute Spender

Need cereal? Milk? Cheese? Beware! Picking up last-minute products from a corner shop can cost 40% more than at a supermarket.

Super Habit:

If you know you’re running low on something, pop into a supermarket on the way home to pick it up. (But don’t be tricked into buying anything other than what you need!)


Have we missed a super habit? Please share you own heroic money saving tips!