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Supermarket Tricks And How To Avoid Them

Supermarket tricks are everywhere. From end-of-aisle promotions to multi-buy offers, they are all designed to make us want to buy more and spend more. We’ve taken a look at these tricks and in the infographic below we help you avoid them and become a super savvy shopper.

Supermarket tricks

Supermarket Tricks & How To Avoid Them – Transcript

The Big Four supermarkets in the UK made £18.37 billion in sales in the first three months of 2017. Prices are set to rise this year, it’s time for us to brush up on the tricks supermarkets play to minimize the impact.


  • Fruit Foot First: Why would shops put food that bruises easily right at the front? Fresh fruit makes us feel happy, and later in the shop we’re more likely to buy unhealthy products.
  • The Milk Mile: Have you ever noticed that essentials are always spaced away from each other? This is to make you walk through the shop and spend more on products that catch your eye as you go.
  • Until Next Time: Sweets and treats along the tills stare back at you while you queue. 75% of parents admit to buying something they’ve seen at the till.

FUN FACT: Studies have shown that increasing trolley size also increases the amount people buy!


  • Smell: Ever walked past the bakery and suddenly thought ‘Yes, I’ll get some bread’? Bet it wasn’t on your list!

FUN FACT: ‘Smellizing’ is when adverts ask customers to imagine a product’s smell, and this increases the desire to buy the product. So when you see an advert saying ‘Fancy a freshly baked cookie’ – resist the temptation!

  • Taste: Would you like some free chocolate? Nice, isn’t it? You can buy more down this aisle.
  • Sound: Slow music makes people move slower, thus spending more time browsing, and spending more money.

FUN FACT: Studies have shown that when classical music is played, sales for expensive wines go up!

  • Sight: Colourful premium brands are placed at eye level to encourage you to grab them. Children’s cereals are often placed slightly lower, at their eye level.

FUN FACT: Studies show that making eye contact with a character makes you feel connected to it and the brand. Think about it: What does a friendly tiger have to do with children’s cereal anyway?!

How you can fight back

Stick to a list: If your list has 15 items, leave the shop with those 15 items.

Stick to a budget: Saving for a special occasion? Start by setting strict spend limits.

Only take cash: A surefire way to not overspend!

Eat first! Shopping hungry increases the amount of food you want to buy.

Shop online: Unless you live in a supermarket, you’ll end up saving money.

Bring headphones: Pick a pumped up playlist – Fast-paced music will keep you moving through the aisles without stopping to pick up anything you don’t need.


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