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8 Easy But Unusual Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Energy Bills

There are loads of ways you can cut your energy bills by changing your habits around the house. From getting into good habits like turning off a light when you leave the room to grabbing a blanket instead of turning the heating up, it all has a positive effect on what you pay for electricity. If you get creative, though, you can get those costs down even further. Try some of these ideas and see how low you and your energy bills can go.

Deep clean your fridge

You can reduce your fridge’s energy consumption by 6% just by keeping the back free of dust and well ventilated. Vacuum the back of your fridge 2-3 times a year to keep it clean and reap the rewards! If your fridge gets direct sunlight, or is next to a radiator, this can mean it uses more electricity and drives your energy bills up, too. Consider rearranging your kitchen to put it in a more efficient spot.

Lower the backlight on your TV

How bright your backlight settings are accounts for the biggest portion of your TV’s energy consumption. Turn the backlight setting down will reduce the amount of energy your TV needs to run, and so watching it will cost you less!

Keep your cooker clean

Burnt food on your hob rings or in your oven absorbs heat, meaning you use more energy when you’re cooking, and so it costs you more. Best crack out the Mr Muscle…

Defrost your freezer

More than 5mm (or a quarter of an inch in old money) of frost built up in your freezer will make it less efficient. Don’t keep your freezer door open longer than you have to, and defrost at least once a year to stay frost-free and keep those energy bills down.

Don’t tumble dry your clothes

Every tumble dryer load costs about 35p, which adds up over the course of the year. Our British weather may not lend itself to pegging your washing out outside, but you can still dry it on clothes horses and airers indoors, rather than tumble dry.

And, when you simply have to use your tumble dryer, don’t forget to clean out the lint!

So satisfying…

Switch to rechargeables

In this day and age of technology, many of us go through batteries like we do clean clothes. That cost can add up over the course of a year! Switch to rechargeables where you can – the extra you spend on electricity to charge them up will still be less than keeping your battery supplies topped up.

Unload your car

If, like many of us, your car is a bit of a tip, then having a clean-out could save you some money. After all, the heavier your car is, the less miles per gallon you’ll get from your fuel. Get rid of the junk in your boot, and reduce your fuel bill.

Switch to LED lightbulbs

Switching from normal to energy-saving bulbs was the first step, but now you can go one better. LED bulbs can achieve the same brightness as energy-saving bulbs, using as much as 33% less electricity, and they last 10 times longer. Plus, they don’t use filament technology like normal bulbs, so won’t blow as easily.

How many of these can you do in your house? 

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