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How Much Money Would These TV Characters Make In Real Life?

We often find ourselves asking ‘how can they afford that?!’ when watching telly. Our favourite TV characters lead the most exciting lives filled with twists, turns and usually success. But how realistic are those plot lines when it comes to their earnings? Here’s how much money TV characters would really make if they existed in the UK or USA today.

Disclaimer: These salaries are representative of how much you would earn if you did the job in the UK and how much you’d earn if you did the same job in the USA. 

How much would these tv characters make in real life?

How Much Money Would These TV Characters Make In Real Life – Transcript

It sometimes feels like your favourite TV characters are getting a deal that’s too good to be true when it comes to payday. But how much would they really earn in today’s world?

Hot Pie – Game of Thrones

Baker’s Apprentice

£6,720/ $15,368

Former Night’s Watch recruit turned fugitive turned baker for the Crossroads Inn (ask for the cherry crumble).

Joyce Byers – Stranger Things

Supermarket Cashier

£16,700/ $19,800

Stacking shelves, serving customers, borrowing lots of Christmas lights…

Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

Theoretical Physicist/ Junior Professor

£108,000/ $143,000

Testing theories, researching and teaching for Caltech

DS Ellie Miller – Broadchurch

Detective Sergeant

£42,708/ $65,503

Solving crimes in the quiet town of Broadchurch. Who killed Danny Latimer?

Edna Krabappel – The Simpsons

Fourth Grade Teacher

£25,000/ $47,225

Reluctantly teaching children at Springfield Elementary School

Maurice Moss – The IT Crowd

Software Developer

£66,000/ $84,077

Learning how to act in social situations alongside his daily work and Renholm Industries.

Father Ted – Father Ted


£24,538/ $38,964

Resolving parish issues on Craggy Island.

Beth Smith – Rick and Morty


£44,000/ $61,286

Caring for horses at St. Equis Hospital.

Lester Nygaard – Fargo

Life Insurance Salesman

£25,720/ $35,712

Trying (and failing) to sell life insurance policies at Bo Munk Insurance.

David Brent – The Office

General Office Manager

£24,073/ $41,600

Keeping up office morale (offending people) at Wernham-Hogg Paper Merchants.

Edina Monsoon – Absolutely Fabulous

Owner and PR Director of Monsoon PR

£83,500/ $88,400

Attempting to get her few clients good publicity while wearing the latest fashions. Lacroix, sweetie.

We hope this gives you a better insight into how much your favourite TV characters should really be earning!