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This Is How The UK’s Love Of Eating Out Costs Us Each £700 A Year

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DIY Dine Out: Sunny reveals the nation’s dining habits

Food for thought? As Brits everywhere pledge to make 2019 the year that we’re healthier, happier and thriftier, new research uncovers our culinary quirks when it comes to dining out, and reveals how to get a head start on your foodie resolutions.

The UK’s love for dining out

Brits dine out at restaurants at least 3 times a month, each spending on average £695.76. 6% of Brits spend as much as £1,200 on dining out per person each year.

Brits on  a budget

When it comes to eating out, 65% of people have a budget in mind, but 90% of people “struggle to always stick to it”.

Britain’s top 3 favourite cuisines

22%: Italian came top as the UK’s favourite cuisine, with 28% of all 18-34 year olds saying Italian was their favourite eat out, and 28% of Londoners, across all age groups, also said Italian was their favourite eat out.

Favourite cuisine when eating out:

Italian: 22%

Indian: 16%

Chinese: 16%

Cuisines by cities


Italian: 34%

Chinese: 23%

Indian: 9%


Indian: 22%

Chinese: 19%

Italian: 19%


Chinese: 26%

Italian: 13%

Indian: 13%


Italian: 21%

Indian: 14%

Chinese: 14%


Chinese: 19%

Italian: 17%

Indian: 13%


Italian: 30%

Indian: 17%

Chinese: 13%

New Year, new me?

Brits pledge to spend less and eat better in 2019! Two in five people who make New Year’s resolutions pledge to eat more healthily. But, 59% of people break their healthy eating resolution.

21% of Brits want to save money in the New Year, however 18% don’t save money as planned.


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