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What Are The Best Christmas Presents For These TV Characters?

As the weather starts to get chillier and the Friday night TV starts to get better, it can only mean one thing: Christmas is around the corner. The festivities fill many with excitement, however the prospect of gift shopping leaves some filled with dread. Christmas presents can be tricky, especially if you’re buying for a distant relative or unfamiliar colleague. To offer a little inspiration, we’ve weighed up the best Christmas presents for a few of our favourite TV characters. From intellectuals such as Modern Family’s Alex to the likes of Homer Simpson, there’s something here for everyone.

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Jamie Lannister – Game of Thrones

Self stirring mug

When your pals are suffering you can come to their aid with a Christmas gift. This could be a pick-me-up hot chocolate to help them relax, or a fluffy throw should they be feeling the cold. Since his mishap, the King Slayer has been in need of a helping hand. Therefore, a self-stirring mug should sort out Jamie Lannister when he wants to satisfy his need for a brew. Fancy one? Get them here.

Stewie Griffin – Family Guy


Snowman and tricycle

Everybody’s favourite Family Guy character has a renowned love of time travel, world domination, and of course his tricycle. After being stolen and then returned, the little tyke would surely appreciate a brand new tricycle under the tree. Accompanied with some plutonium for his time machine, of course. Fancy giving a tricycle this Christmas? Find one here.

Alex Dunphy – Modern Family

Books with globe bookends

Bookworm Alex Dunphy takes her studies seriously, so any academic themed gifts are suited to her. Because she’s always reading, book ends are arguably most useful for her dorm. While they’re not the most exciting gift, she powers through shedloads of books, so they are bound to come in handy. Here’s where you can buy your own book ends.

Will McKenzie – The Inbetweeners

Backpack with books

After being mercilessly teased for his briefcase, perhaps The Inbetweeners’ Will is in need of a new accessory. A state of the art backpack will help avoid nasty comments from the likes of Mark Donovan while carrying all kinds of books, folders and spare trousers, should he need them. Want to give a backpack this Christmas? Click here.

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Eleven – Stranger Things

Waffle in waffle iron

If there’s one thing Eleven loves most in this world or the upside down, it’s Eggos. Unfortunately, Eggos aren’t available in the UK. However, we have the next best thing, waffles. Buying Eleven a trusty waffle iron for Christmas will surely put a smile on her face. Even though she’s independent for her age, we’d still recommend parental supervision while she uses the waffle iron! Got someone similar to Eleven in your life? Get them a waffle iron here.

Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad

Tools in tool belt

Before his life of crime, Jesse was an inattentive student with an aptitude for woodwork. So, some of the best Christmas presents for him might include carpentry tools. A carpenter’s assembly tool belt could provide a great storage space to keep his kit in order while crafting wooden boxes. Get your own here.

Ross Geller – Friends

Name label stickers

Image courtesy of stickerscape.co.uk

Ross Geller is one of the easiest TV characters to buy for. He is already the proud owner of a dinosaur tie, not to mention his many Jurassic artefacts. However, Friends’ very own Indiana Jones is missing one thing: sticky labels. These dinosaur themed labels would have come in handy the day his lunch was stolen from the work fridge! Get your own here.

Homer Simpson – The Simpsons


Last but not least is the lovable Homer Simpson. If there’s one thing Homer loves in his life, it’s definitely his doughnuts, closely followed by Marge. For this reason, we think a hefty collection of Krispy Kremes would suit Homer nicely. Although not great on the waistline, he’d be very happy come Christmas day! Get your own Krispy Kremes here.

Have you got any other ideas for the best Christmas presents for these TV characters?