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Money Personality: The Walking Bank

Congratulations! Our Money Personality Quiz considers you to be a safe pair of hands. Not just when it comes to money, but in life in general. You’re a hardworking traditionalist who lives by the rules and ticks all (ok, most) of the boxes.

A big fan of organisation and one to be relied upon, you have standards to be met and do not shy away from leadership. When it comes to personal banking, you know exactly how much cash you have and probably make lists (even if it’s only a mental list) for every expenditure you make. Consider yourself a Walking Bank.

Since you’re in total control of your money, you may find it really difficult making spontaneous purchases. This could prove extremely stressful in times of emergency such as if you need to suddenly fix the car or replace the boiler. So, how can you relax about your money management to live a life less stressful?

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How you handle finances

Taking a keen interest in your finances is an excellent quality to have, but there’s a point when checking your online banking goes from cautious to obsessive. If you find you can’t go more than a few minutes without thinking – or worrying – about your money, then it could be time to consider taking steps to adjust your attitude towards it.

It’s great to get the best deals you can and earn rewards from shopping savvy. However, if you spend hours trying to get a cheap deal on, for example, a holiday, and then worry about splashing out when you get there, your experience will be ruined. Knowing your limits when it comes to spending is important, but if you have money saved to spend on a particular thing, you have every right to enjoy that experience.

Solutions for your money

Experts at The Financial Times state that ‘one underlying reason for wanting such strong control of your finances is that you may have lost control of other areas of your life’. By knowing everything there is to know about your current money matters, you might feel more secure and comforted. But, life is unpredictable and can often throw curve-balls that you don’t expect.

If the thought of relinquishing all control is unnerving for you, why not set aside some money to deal with unexpected situations? Whether this is buying a new washing machine or going for an impromptu meal with your friends, this money should be reserved for guilt-free spending.

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Walking Banks and relationships

If you’re a Walking Bank, you might feel more like a parent in a relationship than a partner. Psychotherapist and relationship expert, Lena Fenton from Click For Therapy, gives her advice on how to approach relationships if you’re a walking bank:

‘This type of attitude to money creates a great deal of security in a relationship. It also has some similarities to the Cash Splasher in that both seem to be over-identified by financial status. In other words, you feel that your identity is defined by how much money you have and how secure your financial situation is. However, unlike the Cash Splasher you may struggle to be spontaneous, as everything needs to be controlled and checked.

‘In a more extreme situation, this can be something of a passion killer, particularly within an intimate relationship where passion and romance are a necessity. Your relationship may benefit from a more relaxed attitude towards things always having to go the way you’ve planned them.’

‘A good match for you could be the Risk Taker, who can show you the fun side of money while you could help moderate their tendency to take risks.’

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In terms of spending, you may find that you’re a lot more careful with money than your partner. Try not to fly off the handle if they buy you a gift or have a last-minute night out with their friends. Sometimes spontaneity really is the spice of life… providing you can afford it of course.

‘Give yourself the challenge of not looking at anything to do with money or finance for half a day or a day a week.’

Walking Bank and careers

A Walking Bank will excel at organising people and projects. The bigger the project, the more exciting the challenge, and the better you perform. You quickly gain a reputation to be reliable, efficient and trusted. Career paths might be along the lines of office manager, school headteacher, chef, athletic trainer, stockbroker or financial counsellor.

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So, now that you’ve seen our tips, we hope you can begin your journey to a relaxing and peaceful life. When it comes to finances, you’re already on the ball and could give any banker a run for their money. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself – everyone deserves a pick-me-up once in a while!

You’re already doing a great job at keeping your money safe, now’s the time to relax and enjoy it!

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