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Money Personality: The Coin Collector

If our Money Personality Quiz has designated you a Coin Collector, then you are likely the most reserved of our money personalities. Being somewhat introverted is not a bad thing, as it is balanced with a strong sense of personal integrity, often a creative flair and a talent for coming up with original solutions to personal challenges.

For Coin Collectors, nothing is safer than when you can physically lay your hands on it, so you’re likely to prefer spending a day roaming the shops to making a few quick purchases online. You will shy away from social media in favour of getting some actual face time with your nearest and dearest, a sensitive character trait to be applauded in the digital age!

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How you handle finances

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to hold onto some of the human interaction that is all too quickly disappearing as we rely more and more on technology. But when it comes to your money, the bank is not your enemy, and in fact, keeping all your money at home could be less safe than storing it in a bank.

Practically, you must consider what would happen if someone were to break into your house and steal your money, or if you had a fire at home – it’s not worth risking your life’s savings!

It’s fine to keep some money at home in case of immediate emergencies. Surprisingly, 10% of Brits have admitted to stashing cash under their mattress!

Banks are much more accessible these days and you can go to your nearest branch and speak privately to an advisor who will be the human face of your banking. While detaching yourself from your physical cash might be tough at first, check out the benefits you could get by keeping your money in the bank to help you make your decision.

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Solutions for your money

As a Coin Collector, you’ll thrive on the idea of structure and order, and lucky for you banking is keen on that, too! In order to be best informed when beginning your new financial journey, get some free advice from an impartial service such as The Money Advice Service. In addition to having lots of helpful articles on all aspects of money management, they also have a live chat and free helpline. By using their assistance, you won’t feel like you’re being ripped off or sold something you didn’t really want.

You can go the extra mile further down the road and use Which?’s savings account comparison tool to find the best savings account for you based on interest rates and quality of customer service.

Coin Collectors and relationships

By nature, Coin Collectors often find it hard to trust others and may struggle with relationships as a result. Psychotherapist and relationship expert, Lena Fenton from Click For Therapy, discusses these difficulties and how to overcome them:

‘The kind of suspicious attitude displayed by many Coin Collectors shows a character that is full of anxiety and fear of others. They compensate for this by being super controlled and building a virtual fort around themselves, thus becoming ‘the safe’. In a sense, this could be seen as an extreme version of the Walking Bank.

Trust is probably the biggest issue in this type of person. You don’t trust anyone to ‘have your back’ and you could be something of a lone wolf. It’s probable that your partner knows nothing of your finances, how much you earn etc. As a small step to developing trust, I would recommend that you begin by speaking about some aspect of your finances with your partner. Be more open and let them know some details of what you have saved up so they can help you with your next steps.’

If diving into that conversation seems too much at first then worry not. The Coin Collector personality is reserved about communication, but your focused nature will allow you to open up to your loved one if you put your mind to it.

Coin Collectors and careers

This personality is focused on the task at hand. Coin Collectors are dedicated, helpful, principled and organised enough to get the job done. Their insightful and caring attitude lends well to careers in counselling, teaching and training.

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Changing your habits will be gradual, try taking it one jar of coins at a time! Once you see the money add up, you’ll probably feel a lot more reassured about the situation. We hope our tips can help you on the path to your financial future and let you live a more relaxed life, with space for some actual ornaments around the house!

So, make the most of your newly acquired space and your comfier mattress now that your money is safely stored away!

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