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4 Things To Cut Out To Save Money

Saving money can be a difficult task, especially when you have a number of outgoings that leave your account at different times of the month. On top of paying rent, utility bills and doing weekly food shops, there are other expenses that need to be accounted for and which can quickly leave a big hole in your pocket. To help you in your mission to save money, we’re examining the monthly expenses many people make which you could be cutting down on, if not cutting out completely:

1. Save on your phone bill

When you’re looking at your monthly outgoings, one of the first things you should examine is whether you’re getting what you’re paying for with the services you use. For example, if you’re currently paying £20 a month for your personal mobile phone, on a deal that gives you unlimited texts and minutes, then it may be worth checking how much of those unlimited options you use, and if there’s a cheaper plan available, that would still meet your needs comfortably. It could be that by playing it safe with an unlimited deal, you’re actually paying over the odds for something you don’t actually need.

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2. Cut down on buying coffees and teas

We’re all subject to the overarching power of caffeine and picking up a coffee or tea on your commute can quickly become a part of your routine that you barely even think about. If you find you stop to buy coffee even just once a month, then this is an expense you should be keeping an eye out for. Even a cheap filter coffee can make a dent when you add up the cost over a year, which is why planning in advance is so important. Try investing in a travel mug you can take on your commute as a way of saving while still getting your caffeine fix!

3. Commute with a colleague

While we’re on the topic of commutes, this is another expense you could be cutting down on or out altogether. If you drive into work, there are a few things you could try to bring your costs down. You could car share with a colleague or give them a lift in exchange for splitting petrol. If you have local public transport links, consider using these instead of hopping in the car day in and day out. You could even begin cycling or walk into work if you live close enough, which could save you plenty of money over the course of a year.

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4. Buy generic

Last, but not least, is watching how you spend on your food shop. It’s easy to be lured in by the fancy packaging and promises of branded goods, but a lot of the time, it really doesn’t make a difference to your taste buds! Cutting down, or completely cutting out, your branded buys and swapping them for cheaper own brand equivalents is a quick and easy way to save money that involves no sacrifice on your part.

What have you cut out to save money? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section.

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